High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing

As high performance computing (HPC) demands grow, organizations are struggling to manage larger, more complex data sets and analytics workloads. With increasingly sophisticated machine learning and deep learning opportunities, accelerated infrastructure is essential. We provides the solutions needed to advance HPC and AI and to solve the biggest challenges in business, medical, science and engineering industries.

We understands that HPC solutions are dependent on the target workload and use case. So, we take the time to understand your workloads and business goals to design an optimized solution that gets you to results, faster.

Our goal is to advance, democratize and optimize HPC to move it into the mainstream, enabling more organizations — like yours — to leverage HPC to drive more innovations and discoveries.
All of which helps today’s visionary scientists and researchers do what they do best — change the

Flexible solutions tailored to your organization's goals:

Reference architectures

Engineered solutions

Best of breed products

Built for High Performance Computing

Accelerated time to value solutions

Validated and Optimized for success

Optimized and scalable

Simpler to deploy & manage, lower risk

Exceptional execution & delivery

Workstations, to supercomputer systems, to the cloud

Optimize your entire ecosystem, from laptop, to petaflop, to the cloud, with global end-to-end solutions.


Smartindo had many solutions to help your company facing the current challenge on information technology trends. With our certified sales, pre sales and technical team we can assist you to find the best solution that fit into your company requirement. Smartindo is at hand to give you first-rate services in meeting today’s global challenges.

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