Security Solution

Security Solution

IT Infrastructure also has a threat also name Cyber Threat. Cyber Security is more complex and can say security is border less and can attack from anywhere and anyway. In Business Data and Human is an asset, when data in wrong hand, your business will evaporate in minute. IT Security is complex solution, when attacker found a security hole they will attack your business. STT can give you best Security Solution for your business we colaborate with many top Security Vendor and has experience solution architect security and implementation. Security is secure from the Edge to the Core and to the Cloud. We are segmented for IT security.

Network Security

STT can give to you Firewall Solution such as UTM (Unified Threat Management), NGFW ( Next Generation Fire wall), IPS, Encription, Web Application Firewall, Email Security, DNS Security and many more.

Data Security (DLP,Data Guard)

STT can provide to you Data Security such as Data Loss Prevention, Data Guard (Also Call Firewall Data) and User Entitity Behaviour Analytic.

Endpoint Point Security

Endpoint must be protected from any threat who attacked to the client. End point solution can be provided for solution.

Cloud Security

Digital Transformation can change the business. Many company has Private Cloud and Public Cloud. STT can give you solution for Cloud with many security platform.

Organizations should start incorporating systems that focus not only in the protective and preventive but also drive the predictive and response solutions.

  • Know what you have.
  • Know your security posture within your networks, software, policies, procedures, control system and employee behaviors. 
  • Know when it changes.
  • Know when it changes.

Smartindo had many solutions to help your company facing the current challenge on information technology trends. With our certified sales, pre sales and technical team we can assist you to find the best solution that fit into your company requirement. Smartindo is at hand to give you first-rate services in meeting today’s global challenges.

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