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Maintenance Services

In the broadening data center cost-saving and energy efficiency discussion, data center physical infrastructure preventive maintenance (PM) is sometimes neglected as an important tool for controlling TCO and downtime. PM is performed specifically to prevent faults from occurring.
IT and facilities managers can improve systems uptime through a better understanding of PM best practices. This white paper describes the types of PM services that can help safeguard the uptime of data centers and IT equipment rooms. Various PM methodologies and approaches are discussed. Recommended practices are suggested.

A scheduled and regular preventive maintenance program is a smart investment that pays big dividends by reducing overall maintenance costs, increases system uptime and improves productivity of your material handling system.

We can supplement the knowledge or workload of your current maintenance department with certified engineers to achieve cost-effective results. We are able to provide expert leadership for one specific system tune up, or a complete preventive maintenance solution for your entire system. Contact us today to discuss your maintenance needs. We can schedule a one-time visit or setup a recurring maintenance check based on your system requirements.

When your systems are down, having a single point of contact who proactively keeps you up to date with progress and resolves issues quickly is invaluable.

The following services are included in the IT maintenance program:

  • Optimizing Hardware Performance
  • System Updates
  • IT Troubleshooting
  • Overall Hardware & System consultation

The benefits of our IT maintenance service include the following:

  • Save Money
  • Save Time
  • You can focus on core business
  • One IT contact point
  • Better management of reporting and asset

Manage Services

Get the exact level of IT support, you need to keep your business systems running efficiently. Focus on your core business, we’ll relieve your concerns and fit to your demands. We take care of the service needed to keep your business running. You can take the advantage of our latest technology without having to worry about hardware and its maintenance.

Some companies are difficult to hire the right candidate for the right job as most candidates lack necessary technical competencies that are required in this ever changing technology landscape to support their business growth. Our managed services help you with the operations of your information technology environments to reduce your overheads and improve efficiency by leveraging our scale, methodologies, and high levels of standardization. We provide you with technical expertise, service consistency, and flexibility across multiple technologies. 

By professional hiring and training program, our personnel is obtained, developed, and release to our customer. 

Here listed below some services that currently supported by us:

  • IT Service Desk
  • IT Support
  • IT Infrastructure Services
  • Data Center Operator & Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring Service
  • Monthly Reporting

Smartindo had many solutions to help your company facing the current challenge on information technology trends. With our certified sales, pre sales and technical team we can assist you to find the best solution that fit into your company requirement. Smartindo is at hand to give you first-rate services in meeting today’s global challenges.

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